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2011 Spring Book Picks

The Beyonders

Our first stop will be to visit the world of Lyrian. Brandon Mull, author of the incredibly popular Fablehaven series, has created a new land devoid of Heroes. The Beyonders, the first book in a planned three book series, introduces us to a land lorded over by an insidious ruler who has managed to bribe or break the former heroes of the realm.  I’ll introduce you to Jason and Rachel so you can follow their adventures in unifying the hearts and minds of the people of Lyrian against the evil Malador and the complacency his fear inspires.

The Agora Trilogy

Our next stop will be to the land of Agora.  In David Whitley’s first book, The Midnight Charter, we’ll meet Lily and Mark and follow them as they navigate the dangerous streets of Agora, ‘the Marketplace.’  No one has been outside the imposing walls of the city for so long that the inhabitants of the city aren’t certain anything exists “outside.” This utopian society is collapsing and on the very edge of morality.  Lily and Mark must navigate a world of secret charters, secret police and a spreading sickness that threatens to devour the poorer inhabitants of Agora.  Only compassion and loyal friendships will help to unravel the mysteries Agora contains.
The Ranger’s Apprentice Series

Then we’re off to the kingdom of Araluen to visit the famous Ranger Corp.  Author John Flanagan’s Ranger’s Apprentice series will thrill you. These highly trained servants of the king get all the most dangerous jobs.  These guys can track humans and animals, move silently and unseen, they are the best archers in the kingdom and have a devastating double knife fighting technique.  The Ranger’s go to the trouble before the trouble comes to the kingdom. They serve as the king’s eyes and ears, warrior diplomats, and judges.  You don’t want to get on their bad side.  Follow Will Treaty as he trains to become one of the vaunted Rangers of Araluen.

Fly by Night

Mosca, the well-read daughter of a deceased historical scholar finds herself embroiled in a not so quiet war between the realm’s deposed nobility and the Guilds that really rule the kingdom.  The Stationer’s Guild controls all written words while the Locksmith’s Guild controls the opening and closing of any door, lid or portal. Mosca burns down the Mill she works in and is on the run from the law. Her smooth-talking fellow traveler might be a spy for the stationer’s guild and her pet goose has the temper of an angry gorilla.  Mosca must survive in a world where reading is a criminal act and nothing is what it seems.

Young Samurai Series

Jack Fletcher washes ashore after his father’s ship is destroyed by ninja/pirates off the coast of Japan.  The sole survivor of the attack, Jack is adopted by a local Samurai lord when he discovers that the same man responsible for the destruction of Jack’s ship and shipmates is the same man that took the life of his eldest son. When Masimoto admits Jack into the samurai school to train racial tensions flare.  Jack is the only white person to have ever set foot in a samurai school.  Jack must prove himself worthy of the responsibility his adoptive father has given him in the face of the harsh disapproval many of his fellow students have for him.  Breath-taking fight scenes make this an exciting historical fiction series for any reader.

Geek Fantasy

What if your family is cursed with disastrous consequences when they make a wish… for anything.  One of your ancestors wished they had more money and was shot with a gold coin. Another wished to be a better rugby player and then wiped out three of his fellow team mates with a single kick of the ball in his next game.  Still another ancestor wished for children and was then deeded an orphanage that had been built over a sinkhole.  Comedy? Tragedy?  Yes! You’ll love the quirky voice of this hilarious tale.

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