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One of the best and most rewarding ways that BookPeople can help expose kids to great literature and build excitement for new books is through our In-School Book Talk Program. Book Talks usually include presentations of anywhere from three to six books and end with a reading from one of the featured titles.

Topher Bradfield, our Children’s Outreach Coordinator, will be the person coming into your school. He is typically out in an Austin-area school at least 2 days a week, and often as many as 5 days a week during the Spring and Fall, so you should try to book him as far in advance as possible. He is perfectly comfortable speaking to grades K-8.

How to Get a Book Talk into Your School or Classroom

If you would like Topher to come to your school, you can contact him directly at and let him know the name of your school, what grade levels you’d like him to speak to, how long he will have with each group and how long you want him to stay.

What BookPeople Needs From You

The In-School Book Talk program is a wonderful way for us to help you build your students’ love of books and keep them excited for that next great read. We also love this opportunity to directly connect with your readers. However, the program’s enormous popularity with schools has led to a greatly increased demand for Topher’s time. This is wonderful, but it also means that we need your help to make the book talk program as sustainable as possible.

There has never been a fee associated with the book talks. However, so that we can afford to continue sending Topher out to schools, we are now asking school libraries to purchase at least one copy of each book talk book. After all, book talks generate demand for featured titles, so the extra books will help serve that need.

We are also open to any additional proposals for generating revenue.

* Because Topher’s visits always generate such high interest, providing your students with direct access to the books could be a great way to enhance the program. We would be happy to email an order form in advance that you could distribute to the kids and their parents prior to his visit.


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