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Ellen Schreiber Tonight

Best known for her hugely popular Vampire Kisses books, Ellen Schreiber will be in the store tonight to sign her new book, Once in a Full Moon. Known for her supernatural stories including ones with mermaids and vampires, Ellen now takes on the mysterious and dangerous werewolf. Come meet the author and get this first […]

Review: Paranormalcy

Ah, a new year, new books, and new posts to talk about them in.  What could be better? The first book of the year that I wish to chat about is one that I put off reading literally for months.  I had been told by countless sources, including the entire BookPeople’s Not Just Another Teen […]

Great Gifts for the Paranormal Romantic

Ah, young love.  There’s just nothing like reading about a girl discovering her first true supernatural love.  Watching as she falls hopelessly for the vampire, werewolf, fallen angel, or some other undead thing always just pulls at the ol’ heart strings. Here are some books for those romantic teen girls in your life: The Vampire […]

Review of the Week: Linger

‘Tis the season for sequels.  Everywhere I look there are great sequels for great books I love.  Earlier this year we had The Celestial Globe sequel to the awesome Cabinet of Wonders.  (I wrote about Celestial Globe way back in April if you’re curious.)  And then in the fall we’ll get The Butler Gets a […]


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