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Lauren Myracle, Birthday Gal!

It’s no secret that BookKids looooooves Lauren Myracle.  We love her when she’s spooky, sappy, and even controversial.  We love her teen novels and her chapter books and her blog.  We are so excited to put her latest novel, Peace, Love, & Baby  Ducks, in the hands of  Austin readers! Of course, today is Ms. […]

Creepy & Supernatural: Teen Reads to Thrill & Chill!

Have you ever picked up a book because you just knew it would creep you out?  Do you enjoy taking a scary story under the covers with a flashlight? Do you like it when a book gives you shivers and chills?  These titles are sure to raise the hairs on the back of your neck […]

Wicked Faeries, Up to No Good

Some of us have never considered the possibility that faeries are the bad guys.  Tinkerbell, though mischievous, has us convinced that faeries, pixies, and their kin are generally benevolent.  However, these authors have an opposing view on the subject.  IF you’re willing to believe them, faeries are in our business, messing up our lives, and […]


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