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Review: The Lost Conspiracy

A while back (and I mean a long while back), I read a book called Fly by Night by the author Frances Hardinge.  At the time, I enjoyed the book, and I eagerly looked for the author’s other books.  Only it turned out, that at the time, she didn’t have any other books.  I was […]

Kids Books: The Best Gifts for Grown-Ups!

Secret: grown-ups love kids books, too!  No matter what Cassie tries to tell you, all the best books are in BookKids.  Best of all?  Kids books – even hardcovers – run cheaper than adult titles!  So if you’re Christmas shopping on a budget (and who isn’t this year?), here are some great selections for the […]

Our Favorite New Books of December

The weather may be wacky out there, but here in BookKids there’s plenty to feel good about.  There is a barrage of new books this December, including several that we’re very excited about.  Most of our favorite books this month are in the teen section, but there are a couple others that tickle our fancy […]


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