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Review: 13 Treasures

In 13 Treasures, Tanya can see fairies.  And they aren’t the cute little Tinkerbells that populate the Favorite Character section at BookPeople.  These things are the traditional, amoral, fey creatures of legend.  They don’t grant wishes. They torment. And they often torment Tanya. After a particularly bad night, her mother, who can’t see the creatures, […]

Sizzling Summer Sequels!

With school days behind you, it’s time to sit back, relax, and catch up with your favorite fictional characters!  In the land of teen literature, there are a bunch of brand-new sequels already available, as well as a few getting ready to hit our shelves very soon.  If you need to know what happens next, […]

New Arrivals in Teen Fiction & Fantasy

Finally, school is out, and you’re ready to pack up and move to the beach.  Or take a trip across the country.  Or enjoy a beautiful stay-cation.  Whatever your summer plans, I’m sure you’re lusting for some new reading to enjoy along the way.  Luckily, June brings us several new titles that are sure to […]

Come All Ye Teenage Faeries!

Tomorrow, Sunday, at 3:00 pm, BookPeople is delighted to host the (wicked) lovely Melissa Marr! If you haven’t read her Wicked Lovely series yet, you’re missing out on a fabulous gothic romance, an engaging urban fantasy, and an enticing faerie mythology.  Ms. Marr is insanely popular here in BookKids – not to mention the rest […]


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