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Review: Enclave

All right, I know the cover and title don’t match.  Originally, this book was supposed to be called Razorland, but at some point the name was changed.  (Probably because Enclave makes more sense.)  However, odd cover/title discrepancy not withstanding, this teen dystopic I Am Legend-esque book is pretty cool. Enclave By Ann Aguirre Deuce lives […]

Review: Across the Universe

Across the Universe By Beth Revis Amy’s parents are essential passengers aboard the Godspeed, an inter-generational ship built to ferry colonists like Amy’s parents to a new planet 300 years away.  However, Amy’s parents refuse to go if Amy can’t come along too.  So, Amy agrees to be cryogenically frozen with her parents and to […]

Great Gifts for the Future Rebel of a Dystopic Society

Do you live in a world where people monitor your every move?  Where you have to check in every time you go someplace new?  Where every minute of your day is scheduled? Then you’re probably just in high school. It’s no wonder that teens relate so well to characters rebelling against their oppressive, dystopic societies.  […]

More of your favorite authors share their favorite books for giving this season!

The days are ticking away, and you’ve still got a few people on your left to buy for, no? BookKids has the solution.  With the help of some of our – and your – favity fave authors, we’ll find the perfect gift for everyone on your holiday shopping list.  Check out suggestions from today’s features […]


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