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The Latest & Greatest for Teens: Part One

So I’ve been a tad bit absent lately…on the blog at least.  Fear not, I’ve been reading like a fiend and there are so many fabulous books to tell you about!  Over the past couple of months, some of my recent favorites have finally hit shelves!  To start, here are my favorites in realistic fiction […]

What to Give a Reluctant Reader

It’s their worst nightmare.  Wake up early, run down to the tree, and lo and behold: rectangular gifts wrapped in pretty paper.  These are BOOK-shaped gifts.  No reluctant reader wants to receive books for Christmas. But plenty of you out there LOVE books, and you want to encourage the kid(s) in your life to love […]

Drama, Drama, Drama!

We girls are beacons for drama. I know it, and you know it, too! Sometimes drama is exciting – gossip, dating, and silly secrets. Sometimes drama has a darker side – mean girls, sickness, and family issues. Of course, I’d much rather read about someone else’s drama than deal with my own, and, thankfully, there’s […]

Kids Books are for Grown-Ups, Too!

As an adult, you might think I have an unnatural addiction to Children’s literature. Sure, I read an adult book every now and then, or tackle a tome of poetry or a lit mag, but most of my literary diet these days consists of books for young readers. Books written for young readers have a […]


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