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Shopping for Dudes Part I: Teen Books for Dudes

According to GuysRead.com, a lot of guys aren’t engaged by reading because they don’t know about all the awesome dude books out there.  They read differently from girls and learn differently from girls.  Just like a lot of girls struggle in math, a lot of dudes struggle in reading.  The GOOD news is there’s a […]

More Local Authors: Picture Books!

In case you were wondering if I forgot our lovely picture book Authors, I haven’t!  I was saving picture books for a post all their own.  From sleep-walking penguins to pirate Santas, Austin’s authors cover it all. Little Bunny Kung Fu by Regan Johnson Putting a twist on a classic camp song, Regan Johnson’s bunny […]

Paperbacks: More Book for Your Buck

Holiday shopping on a budget this year? I totally hear you. It’s a hard time economically for most of us, and we at BookPeople are here to help. Books always make great gifts, and if you’re looking for a way to give more and pay less, paperbacks are the way to go. Below are some […]

Holiday Cheer for BookTeens

Okay, okay – I know that sometimes we grow out of the whole “Christmas spirit” thing.  It can get old – getting hauled away from hang-out time to make paperchains with the fam and decorate cookies for the neighbors.  Sure, you know it’s supposed to be fun, but you’ve got an old-fashioned case of the […]


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