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Interview With Kaye Umansky, Author of the New (to the USA) Clover Twig Series!

Without a doubt, Clover Twig and the Magical Cottage is my new favorite middle grade fantasy.  It’s fun, quirky, light-hearted and enchanting, with characters you simply can’t forget.  Such a vibrant new book just must be celebrated, and I was thrilled when Kaye Umansky agreed to be interviewed for the BookKids blog.  Here’s what Kaye […]

Favorite New Chapter Books for August!

Clover Twig and the Magical Cottage by Kaye Umansky Ten-year-old Clover Twig is a practical girl.  She knows how to cook and clean and likes things neat and tidy.  When she sees a classified ad for a housekeeper, she knows she is the girl for the job, even if it means moving in with the […]

Emily the Strange – Stranger than Ever

As an Emily, a part of me has always resented Emily the Strange.  Sure she’s cool and mysterious, but, hey, that’s MY name.  How dare she equate my name with a brand – worse, a brand popularized by neo-goths and Hot Topic punks.  How sad for me! But, you know what?  I’m a grown-up.  I […]

New Favorite Chapter Book: Rumblewick’s Diary!

Everyone likes a good cat book, and we all love a touch of magical hijinx.  So what’s not to love about Rumblewick’s Diary? Newly imported from England, Rumblewick’s Diary by Hiawyn Oram is a series revolving around witchcraft and mischief.  Rumblewick is a cat – a witch’s familliar – who can’t keep his witch in […]


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