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Banned Books Week Q&A: Brent Hartinger!

In honor of the upcoming Banned Books Week, BookKids is conducting Q&As with various authors of banned books.  Today we have Brent Hartinger, author of various books for teens including Geography Club and its sequels The Order of the Poison Oak, Dreamquest, and Split Screen, as well as The Last Chance Texaco, and his most […]

The FABULOUS (!!) Tamora Pierce on her Favorite LGBT-Themed Books

Tamora Pierce is the author of seemingly millions of books for young readers.  With a backlist spanning more than 20 years, it’s fair to say she’s had a massive influence on fantasy for young adults.  Her extremely popular Song of the Lioness series features Alanna and Thom, a pair of twins willing to challenge gender […]

Fab YA Authors on their Favorite Queer-Themed Books: Part 2

It’s time for the second installment of the YA community’s favorite queer-themed books!  Check out these awesome reviews from some more of our favorite authors! LEE BANTLE on ANNIE ON MY MIND by Nancy Garden This is a must read!  The writing and story are beautiful.  If you want literature, if you want great writing, this […]


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