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Google eBooks for Kids

Google eBooks for Kids

Phones are very smart these days with all of their apps, and many people have tablets stashed in their bags — whether they are an iPad, Nook or Kindle Fire.  And if your kids are anything like mine, then they are probably often trying to get you to let them play with your sophisticated gadget.  […]

A Little Something for a Summer’s Day

Summer is upon us.  Already the heat has become unbearable here in Austin.  (All right, I suppose many people find 90+ degree days nice, some even say pleasant.  I hear the parks have never been so full. I wouldn’t know since I have reached that time of year where I refuse to go anywhere unairconditioned […]

Great Gifts for Serial Readers (part 2)

Yesterday, I recommended some great series for our youngest readers.  Today, I’m going to focus on those middle readers — the ones who can read books with chapters all by themselves. For Chapter Book Readers: Ivy & Bean — These girls are always up to mischief.  Whether in ballet class or the classroom, these two […]

Great Gifts for Kids of All Ages

Every year BookPeople puts out a catalog of our favorite books.  Ranging from picture books through adult titles, the catalog gives us a chance to showcase some of the best books from 2010.  If you walk in the store, you’ll see a little pile of catalogs on nearly every display you encounter.  They can help […]


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