Tom Angleberger is Coming! Tom Angleberger is Coming!

Tom Angleberger is Coming! Tom Angleberger is Coming!

Come one, come all to BookPeople at 6PM on Wednesday, April 18th in your mustachioed best to greet Tom Angleberger and hear all about his wacky and hilarious new book called Fake Mustache: How Jackie O’Rodeo and Her Wonder Horse (and Some Nerdy Guy) Saved the World. Tom, who is best known for his Bluebonnet Award winning […]

Review: Fake Mustache

Next Wednesday at 6pm, the one, the only, Tom Angleberger will be coming to BookPeople to speak and sign copies of his books.  Granted, most of us know him for his Bluebonnet Award winning book, The Strange Case of Origami Yoda, but Tom does write books that don’t involve paper-folded characters.  In fact, his newest, […]

Got to Go Back, Back in Time

I like the idea of time travel.  I like the idea that dinosaurs once roamed the Earth. What I would not like is the idea of traveling back in time to visit the dinosaurs.  I have to leave that kind of adventure to a braver, more daring sort. Perhaps, like the characters in Greg Leitich Smith’s […]

We’ve Got a Job Has Got an Event

In 1963 three to four thousand children marched in the streets of Birmingham, AL to protest racial segregation.  Despite their age, snarling dogs and firehoses were still turned on them, and many were arrested and sent to jail.  Considered one of the most effective marches during the Civil Rights Movement, it is now one of […]


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