About Us

BookKids is the children’s department of BookPeople, the largest independent bookstore in Texas, and one of the proud purveyors of Austin’s famously “weird” vibe. And with about 4,000 square feet just for us, BookKids alone is one of the largest children’s bookstores in Texas.

If you’re in town, come to BookPeople and listen for lots of laughter and crazy noise and it will probably lead you up to the second floor and the bright green walls of BookKids!

Check out our calendar of events as well as our literary camp program at: www.bookpeople.com


603 North Lamar
Austin, TX 78703


Store Hours: 9AM – 11PM every day of the week

Children’s Book Buyer:

Meghan Dietsche Goel
512-472-4288 x 201

Children’s Events Coordinator

Mandy Brooks
512-472-4288 x 411

Kids Outreach Coordinator and Literary Camp Director

Topher Bradfield
512-472-4288 x 103

BookKids and Teen Online Coordinator

Madeline Smoot

2 comments on “About Us

  1. i am only 10 and im starting to write a children’s chapter book. im very excited about hereing that there is a giant book store for me to read and listen to books. please ask me any questions at zairiabuchanan@yahoo.com


    p.s. ill send you my book if you wanna here it! thanks!

  2. I just found your blog / store! If I am ever in Texas I’ll have to stop by :) I liked your Sneaky Snicket Sweepstakes post! Please consider adding me to your review blog list -www.thiskidreviewsbooks.com
    AKA This Kid Reviews Books

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