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National Poetry Month

Every year April rolls around, and when we’re finished fooling each other on the first, it’s time to start thinking about National Poetry Month.

Poetry abounds in our world whether it’s classically rhymed, a sonnet, or something more modern or post-modern in its feel.  Today, I wondered into the kids’ department and my fellow staff members and I sat in front of the poetry section finding some of our favorite poems and poets.  Of course we lovingly remembered Shel Silverstein and Robert Louis Stevenson, but when it came time to pick our favorites, here’s what we selected:

The Best of Ogden Nash

By Ogden Nash

According to Merilee, “Ogden Nash is just so terribly clever.”  She would have continued reading and reciting the various poems in this collection to us probably all day if I hadn’t dragged it from her arms so I could write this post.


Old Possum’s Book of Practical Cats

By T.S. Eliot

Wil says that this book, ” should be read aloud in the presence of children and cats repeatedly — as they will never tire of these verses — before the introduction of any Andrew Lloyd Webber. The jellicles will thank you!”
If Not for the Cat

By Jack Pretulesky


Water Sings Blue
By Meilo So

Meghan, our kids’ buyer, actually had two favorites.  If Not for the Cat has been one of the poetry books she’s been recommending for some time, but she’s “very excited” about the new poetry book, Water Sings Blue.

100 Great Poems for Boys

Edited by Leslie Pockell

Personally, I like anthologies that collect lots of poets together — kind of a best hits kind of book.  One of my favorites with many of my favorite poets like Lewis Carroll, Edward Lear, Tennyson, or William Blake is the 100 Great Poems for Boys.  Definitely these poems would appeal to boys, but I find that many of the poems would be just as appealing to girls too.

And to see more poetry books, we have an entire display on the table in front of the kid’s information desk on the second floor.  Come see some more of our favorite poems, and chat with us about some of your favorite poems too.

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I'm a general bookseller dedicated to the children's section of BookPeople. In my "spare" time, I'm the publisher/editor for my very own small press, Children's Brains are Yummy Books. Basically, I eat, sleep, and read kids' books.

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