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Surviving . . . Andrea White

Andrea White is coming.  Beware.  The former first lady of Houston, and the mastermind behind the Bluebonnet list book Surviving Antarctica will be sharing her latest vision of the future with us on February 28th at 6pm.  And it’s not always a happy vision.

In Surviving Antarctica, a bunch of fourteen year-olds are sent to Antactica as part of a reality TV show to recreate Robert F. Scott’s failed attempt to reach the South Pole.  However, unlike Scott, an experienced explorer, these teen don’t really know what they are doing.  And in 2083 when this book is set, reality TV is a bit more real than TV now.  There’s no quitting or being voted off the island.  The kids will either survive or die in their attempt to recreate the journey.

Now, jump to Andrea’s latest book, Windows on the World, DC has been divided into two: UpCity for the rich and LowCity where Shama lives.  However, Shama is selected to join the elite Chronos Academy where students train to Time Watch.  Although not sure why she’s been chosen, Shama begins to enjoy her time.  At least until she learns her real mission: saving her own life.

Clearly there seems to be a theme to these two books: surviving.

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