Origami Yoda Contest Voting

My that little paper character sure gets around — around town I mean.  We asked you to send your uniquely Austin Origami Yoda moments, and we’ve now picked out our top 10 favorites.  Now it’s time to choose a winner.

First, let me present the contestants.  Look at all of the photos, and then vote for your favorite.  Here they are:

McKinney Falls Yoda

Recycle Yoda

Spider Yoda

Dinosaur Yoda

French Legation Yoda

Bookstore Yoda

Airport Store Yoda

Teacher Yoda

Jeremiah Frog Yoda

Austin Yoda

Want even more options?  We’re allowing write-in candidates too.  Just go to our Keep Austin Weird You Will contest page and view all the photos.  Then vote for your favorite.  Then, come to the Tom Angleberger event @7PM on August 24 to see the winner!

About Madeline

I'm a general bookseller dedicated to the children's section of BookPeople. In my "spare" time, I'm the publisher/editor for my very own small press, Children's Brains are Yummy Books. Basically, I eat, sleep, and read kids' books.

5 comments on “Origami Yoda Contest Voting

  1. Can you tell me where in Austin I can find the giant vintage postcard in the Austin Yoda photo. I’m going to Austin next week for a photo shoot and it would be perfect for my mag. Thanks, Annie

  2. HA – this voting is funny and a little sad. But it’s going to be a great night!!


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