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Keep Austin Weird You Will

Keeping Austin Weird YodaOne of our favorite authors, Tom Angleberger, is coming to BookPeople on August 24 at 7PM, and we want to give him a real Austin welcome. And who better to do that than Origami Yoda himself. There are so many fans of Tom’s first book, The Strange Case of Origami Yoda, down here that we’re betting that tiny Jedi has been almost everywhere in town. So to introduce Tom to Austin–and let him know what his paper pal has been up to down here–we’re cataloging photographic evidence of Origami Yoda’s Austin adventures by running a contest to see who can get the best pictures of our elusive origami friend. There are three ways you can get a picture of Origami Yoda to take around town:

  1. Make your own – you can fold your own Origami Yoda (Tom shows you how here), draw a picture of him, or some other artistic representation of Origami Yoda (did we hear piñata?)
  2. Print out a copy of our very own Keep Austin Weird Origami Yoda – Click on the link to bring up the image, then just hit the printer icon on your browser, or hit Ctrl+P.
  3. Hold up a copy of The Strange Case of Origami Yoda –  (Origami Yoda is on it.)

Once you have your Origami Yoda, take him to interesting spots around town.  Perhaps Origami Yoda needs to visit the capital?  Maybe an origami version of him should sit on the finger of one of the thinker statues in front of Barton Springs? Or where do you think he should go? We, of course, took him to the largest independent book store in Texas:

Yoda @ BookPeople

Once you have your photographic evidence, send your photo to alison@bookpeople.com.  Be sure to include your name, age, and Origami Yoda location.  She’ll upload it to our Flickr stream where you’ll be able to view all of our Origami Yodas here.  All entries must be recieved by Wednesday, August 10 by 11:59 PM CST.  That next week we will have voting both online and in the store to decide the winner. Finally, the Origami Yoda that wins will recieve the very first spot in the signing line at Tom Angleberger’s event on August 24 where he’ll sign the winning Yoda and (possibly) give you an origami creation of his own. So, get those entries in.  We know Origami Yoda has been cool places around town.  Now you just need to prove it. To read the complete rules, please click here.

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I'm a general bookseller dedicated to the children's section of BookPeople. In my "spare" time, I'm the publisher/editor for my very own small press, Children's Brains are Yummy Books. Basically, I eat, sleep, and read kids' books.

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