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A Little Something for a Summer’s Day

Summer is upon us.  Already the heat has become unbearable here in Austin.  (All right, I suppose many people find 90+ degree days nice, some even say pleasant.  I hear the parks have never been so full. I wouldn’t know since I have reached that time of year where I refuse to go anywhere unairconditioned — otherwise known as outside.)

And as the children reach the end of their school year, their parents reach the end of their wits with trying to figure out what to do with them this summer.  So, I’m going to come to the rescue with two fabulous suggestions:

  1. Enroll your child in the BookPeople’s Alligator Society.
    Inspired by Me … Jane, Patrick McDonnell’s wonderful book about Jane Goodall’s lifelong quest to understand the natural world, we are launching a club this summer for budding explorers ages 5-8 (and their stuffed companions). Armed with our nature journals, we will be meeting at BookPeople every Wednesday morning in July at 10:30 A.M. to see what we can see. Registration is only $60 for all four sessions and includes a copy of Me…Jane as well as a brand new nature journal. Meghan & I have already started working on the different activities, and we are sure to have a blast.  For more information, email me (kids_blog at bookpeople dot com) or Meghan (kids_buyer at bookpeople dot com).
  2. Convince the child in your life to read every book on our Summer Reading List.
    Okay, so every book might not be possible, but Meghan has picked so many great books that you are going to want to try to read every book.  Every other week, we’ll be sending out an annotated list of books as part of our BookPeople Kids eNewsletter.  (To subscribe, click on the link to the right.) I’ll also add them to this site where I’ve used the tabs at the top of this page to sort them by age and the option for a printable PDF. However, I’ll be posting them here approximately a week behind the newsletter, so for the most up to date info, you’ll want to go ahead and subscribe to it.

And if you still have time after all that reading, might I suggest a vacation? I hear the Andes are cool this time of year.

About Madeline

I'm a general bookseller dedicated to the children's section of BookPeople. In my "spare" time, I'm the publisher/editor for my very own small press, Children's Brains are Yummy Books. Basically, I eat, sleep, and read kids' books.

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