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Great Gifts for New Mothers

All around me there seems to be a baby boom.  Everyone I know seems to be having their first or second child right now.  So, if this is happening to you too, here are some possible holiday gifts for those new, or soon to be new, moms:

By Alison McGhee

Guaranteed to make most the women at a baby shower tear up, this picture book shows the life cycle of a Mom — from birth to grandparenthood.  It’s a touching book with wonderful illustrations.

That’s Not My . . .
By Fiona Watt

This entire series from Usborne is a great touch and feel book that will interest kids as young as four or five months.  There are only five or six scenes, big thick sturdy pages that withstand chewing, and great textures for little fingers.  My son’s favorite is the one pictured: That’s Not My Lion.

The Happiest Baby on the Block
By Harvey Karp

I swear by this book.  The easiest time in my life was the first three months of my son’s life — that time when some babies (like my brother) have colic.  Not my son.  My husband and I used the 5 S’s at the first sign of any fussing, and we had a calm baby every time.  If only you could still swaddle him now…

Free-Range Kids
By Lenore Skenazy

Did you know that the only children to die from poison in Halloween candy were actually poisoned by their own families on purpose?  Did you know that it is actually safer to be a kid now than it was twenty years ago (when we were kids)?  Well, you wouldn’t know either of these things if you watched the evening news.  In this book Skenazy debunks some of the most popular parenting myths and urban legends and helps put child safety back into perspective.  (No, your baby probably doesn’t need kneepads while crawling.  Yes, they do sell those.)

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