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BookPeople Camps on Sale Tomorrow

UPDATE: As of noon November 13, all the 2011 spots in Camp Half Blood have filled.  However, there are still spots left in Ranger’s Apprentice and Kane Chronicles camps.

Tomorrow is one of those mornings when the opening staff shows up to the store only to be greeted by a line of people.  Yes, that’s right.  Tomorrow, BookPeople’s Camp Half-Bloods go on sale.

For those of you don’t know, our Camp Half-Blood is the original literary camps based on the Percy Jackson books by Rick Riordan.  At these day camps, the kids are broken into cabins based on their godly parent and then spend the week trying to fulfill some quest.  They also do things like archery and chariot racing and demigod games of capture the flag.  Basically the kids spend the week running around pretending to be demigods and having massive amounts of fun.

In fact, Camp Half-Blood camps are now so popular that last year they sold out in one and a half hours.  So, this year we’ve instituted some new policies so more kids can attend the camp.  You can find all of the new rules concerning camp registration here.  You should read them before tomorrow.  However, I will highlight what I think the key changes are below:

  1. Kids can only attend one Camp Half-Blood session.  (You can still also attend Ranger’s Apprentice and Kane Chronicles camps in addition to your one Camp Half-Blood session.  You would register for them at the same time.)
  2. You can only register one child and his/her siblings at one time.  So, if you have a set of triplets, you can register all three at once.  You cannot register your son and his two best friends.  Each of his friends would need their own adult to register them.
  3. If you live more than 50 miles from the store, you can still fax your application in.  If you live less than 50 miles, you must be present at the store to register your child.
  4. Faxing in a registration does not guarantee you a spot.  We will accept faxes between the hours of 12:00 AM (midnight) Saturday, November 13 until 12:00PM (noon) Saturday, November 13.  The faxes will then be placed in a lottery for the reserved spots.  We will notify applicants that day if they made it into a camp.
  5. You must pay in full in order to have a spot.  (OK, so this isn’t new, but it’s a popular question.)  Each camp costs $420 for the week.
  6. You must have a completed registration form and full payment ready when you get to the register.  We won’t have any in the store, so you need to download them from the camp sites or here:
    Camp Half-Blood Registration Form
    Camp Kane Chronicles Registration Form
    Camp Ranger’s Apprentice Registration Form

And finally, remember that we do more than just Camp Half-Blood.  Camp Half-Blood is the most famous, but we also do a camps based on the Ranger’s Apprentice books and a camp based on the Kane Chronicles books.  Both of these camps are pretty gosh darn awesome, if I do say so myself.  If you don’t get into a Camp Half-Blood, or if you don’t want to show up at the store at 5AM to start lining up, consider doing one of the other camps.  They tend to take the whole day (sometimes even a week!) to fill.  And as a last resort, if you don’t get into a camp you want, have your kid’s name put on a waiting list.  Occasionally a camper has to drop out and a spot opens up.  Those are filled by the waiting list which are first come, first serve.


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