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Kids learn the value of a buck at Money Camp

This summer, BookPeople has been hosting Money Academy Camp, a private camp that teaches kids about financial matters. I haven’t had a chance to sit in, but from what I’ve overheard from some of the campers, money does NOT grow on trees! Who knew?

Studies show that when kids are taught solid financial information they have a better chance of becoming fiscally responsible adults. For those interested in enrolling, the camp runs from 9AM to 4PM, and is intended for kids ages 8 through 14. The final session of the camp begins August 9th. Find more information about Money Academy Camp at their website.

Here’s a few words about the camp from founder and CEO Gayle Reaume:

“The campers come together to design their product, build an assembly line, run their own company and manage the money.   Along the way they gain skill in teamwork, leadership and integrity.  Important skills that will guide them in life.  They sell their goods to customers in the Book People shopping center, making real money that they get to keep at the end of camp.

They get to experience money first hand and come home with a check that they can use to invest in their next project – a take-away that sure beats poison ivy or a birdcage made of popsicle sticks.”

One comment on “Kids learn the value of a buck at Money Camp

  1. I appreciate your thought process, excellent points I may just steal a few of your thoughts for my blog!

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