A Visit to the BookPeople Ranger’s Apprentice Lit Camp

We took a trip out to McKinney Falls State Park yesterday to visit the BookPeople Ranger’s Apprentice Lit Camp. Set in medieval times, John Flanagan’s Ranger’s Apprentice books follow a 15-year-old orphan named Will as he trains to be a member of the Ranger Corps (sworn protectors and spies for the kingdom).

We joined the apprentices at the end of their lunch, and tagged along when a group of them went on a special mission through the woods. While on the mission, we were ambushed by two dastardly Wargals. The fighting was fierce, but unfortunately our main archer wasn’t close enough to his bow, and they escaped through the trees. We only hope as the camp goes on the apprentices’ abilities will grow and eventually they can secure the kingdom.

Alison, head of marketing at BP, bravely risked her personal safety to capture some amazing pictures of the day’s events. Check out our flickr stream here.

15 comments on “A Visit to the BookPeople Ranger’s Apprentice Lit Camp

  1. how do i get to go to one of these camps?

  2. Why don’t they have one of these in the USA?! They SOOOO need one!

  3. […] A few posts ago we shared some photos and stories detailing our adventure at BookPeople’s Ranger’s Apprentice camp. We had a pretty awesome time, so we’re super excited that the camp is starting to get some national attention. Check out this article that Publishers Weekly wrote. It’s got a lot of great background information and an interview with camp director Topher Bradfield. […]

  4. i would love to learn and go and the camp advencher to see what it be like to be a Ranger

  5. I’m a great fan and I would like to go to such a camp too… but ofcourse they don’t have that in Holland or the UK…
    Don’t think I’m allowed to go to one in Australia… :(

  6. That sounds totally amazing!!! I only wish I knew how to get into a camp like that. My sister and I are going crazy over that series, we’re even having my dad carve neacklaces out of bone to resemble oak leaves and he will paint them silver.

  7. please inform me when is the next ranger aprentice camp

  8. when is the next ranger aprentice camp

  9. i want to go to ranger camo but they dont have any in ky

  10. Hey this sound like something I’ll check out. You won’t see me there (cause I’m like Gilan) but I’ll be there.

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