Review: The Red Pyramid

Now, I know all of you are looking at your blog readers in disbelief.  You are thinking to yourself, “But today is Thursday.  BookKids does their review on Fridays. Have I made a mistake.”

I am here to assure you that you have not.

Since tomorrow is BookPeople’s big parking lot party in honor of Rick Riordan’s latest book, I have decided to post my review for it one day early.

The Red Pyramid (Kane Chronicles I)
By Rick Riordan

Six years ago, Carter and Sadie Kane’s mother died in a mysterious accident in London.  Since then they’ve lived seperate lives — Carter with their father, and Sadie with their mother’s parents.  The two only see each other twice a year when Carter’s grandparents allow Carter and his father to visit Sadie.  This year, their father decides to take them to visit the British Museum for a private viewing of the Rosetta Stone.  Carter and Sadie aren’t too excited until their father has them lock up the museum director and begins what looks an awful lot like a magic spell.

Unfortunately something goes wrong.  A creature called Set imprisons their father in a golden coffin and people from something called the House of Life are threatening to kill them.  It seems that whenever Gods get involved, kids with powers just never seem to catch a break.

Now, as everyone knows, Rick Riordan wrote the Percy Jacson series of books about a demi-god kid navigating the world of Greek gods.  In this book, Carter and Sadie are thrust into the world of Egyptian mythology with all the gods, powers, and adventure you could possibly imagine.  The action in this book is fantastic — the pace is fast and neverending and as you read the book you sometimes find yourself as breathless as the main characters.  (I know I held my breath without realizing it a few times.)  From the first chapter, the adventure draws you in and doesn’t let you go.  I know I resented it every time I had to put down the book.

Now I realize Topher (who uses the Percy Jackson books as the standard to which all other books should be judged) might not agree with me, but I enjoyed the Red Pyramid even more than the Lightning Thief.  I found the tale to be more complex, the characters better fleshed out, and the quest less meandering than the one in the first Percy book.  In fact, if I didn’t already know that he had started working on one, I would have to advocate for a Kane Chronicles camp.  Fortunately, Topher’s already on it.

I would highly recommend this book for any kid (boy or girl) ages 10 & up.  Some of the situations might be kind of intense for kids younger than 10.  Some of the scenes and especially some of the gods are downright scary.  Even if you have a younger kid who reading-wise can do the book, you might want to consider reading it aloud together.  That way you can discuss the more tense situations.

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4 comments on “Review: The Red Pyramid

  1. I agree with Madeline, this book is excellent, and good for children 8 and up. THE MAGIC Rick used in creating the Percy series has returned and ripened into a Nile lotus. At times it feels like a Percy story. However with efficiently using dual narrative we are treated to hearing the story in two voices, that of the level headed and reserve Carter, and the British spitfire Sadie. They are very different and estranged due to family tragedy, but the circumstances of the story redevelop their relationship which had been nonexistant for 6 years. The story Rick has weaved is exciting, complex, and surprising.The action is consistant and compeling. It is a quick course of Egyptology 101, without being overwhelming. The development of the characters is much stronger than in the Percy series and includes a significant personal crisis. The conclusion is extremely satisfiying for a book that is the beginning of a trilogy. Yet it opens many doors for the future and leaves the reader looking forward to the second book without feeling you have been left with a cliffhanger.

  2. Suzanne, I agree with everything you said.

  3. I think this book was OK. I guess I was expecting more as the Percy Jackson series was so amazing!

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