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Review: 13 Treasures

In 13 Treasures, Tanya can see fairies.  And they aren’t the cute little Tinkerbells that populate the Favorite Character section at BookPeople.  These things are the traditional, amoral, fey creatures of legend.  They don’t grant wishes. They torment.

And they often torment Tanya.

After a particularly bad night, her mother, who can’t see the creatures, sends Tanya off to stay with her grandmother at her creepy, old, fairy-infested manor.  While there, Tanya discovers there  is more to the fairy/human relations than just her.  Others can see them too.  And life gets much more complicated as Tanya puts her new knowledge to the test and tries to save a girl from the fairies.

Now, I’m not the only one at the store who likes this book.  Meghan, who is normally very vocal about her dislike of fairies, liked this book as well.  We enjoyed the compelling characters in the book and the way the fairies are portrayed.  It’s nice to see fairies that are not sweet little girls in dresses, but they are also not sexily, smoldering elves like you find as part of the never-ending supply of supernatural hotties over in teen.  Also, we liked how even though the book left room for a sequel, it has a complete and total plot on its own.  The author could never write another word in this series, and I wouldn’t feel completely gypped — disappointed, yes.  But gypped, no.

This book is an excellent next read for kids who have finished all of the Spiderwick books.  It’s the next step up reading-wise, and the fairies and scariness of the situations is on the same level.  We would recommend this book for 9 & up.

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