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Happy Birthday, Gary Paulsen!

Hands down, Gary Paulsen is one of my all-time favorite writers.  I love getting lost in the wilderness with his characters, and his coming-of-age stories have always hit home with me.  It’s no surprise he’s a favorite with booksellers, educators, parents and readers of all ages.

His most recent, the Bluebonnet-listed Lawn Boy has been a big hit in BookKids, but have you read his classic titles?

Hatchet is a perennial favorite, following the terrifying fate of Brian, who finds himself abandoned in the woods with only the windbreaker on his back and a hatchet he received as a gift.  Lost in the wilderness, he faces hunger, wild animals, and inclement weather – and with no one but himself for company, Brian is forced to consider the reality of his parents’ divorce .  This is an amazing adventure that boys and girls alike can’t put down.  If you haven’t read Hatchet yet, come in and grab a copy – it’s a must-read!

One of his lesser-known novels, The Island appears to be a more serene take on teen life.  But don’t let the premise fool you – though the story revolves around 15-year-old Wil and the small island he’s discovered at a local lake, this introspective character has a lot on his plate including a recent move.  When Wil decides to stay on the island for “a little while,”  it doesn’t take long for the media to invade  his peaceful, new Thorou-ian lifestyle.  This perspective on the teenage experience is refreshingly different, exciting, and uplifting.  The Island can’t be missed.

To celebrate Gary Paulsen’s  birthday – today, May 17 – we’ve got his books on their own display in BookKids.  Come check them out!

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One comment on “Happy Birthday, Gary Paulsen!

  1. Hi you have the same birthday as me May 17th but I was born in 2001. my favorite book of yours is hatchet

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