What to Buy a Girlie-Girl Part II: Girlie Chapter Books

If you’re shopping this season for grade school girlie girls and girlie tweens, there are plenty of girlie chapter books for chicks on your list, too.  From musician girls to ghost-whispering girls, BookKids has the perfect books for all the girlie girls on your list.

I Wanna Be Your Shoebox by Cristina Garcia
Yumi’s is truly one of a kind.  She is part Japanese, part Cuban, and part Jewish – and proud of her heritage.  She plays clarinet in her school orchestra (even though her dad is a punk-rocker) and she and her friends are looking forward to this year’s performances.  But just when she was hoping nothing would ever change, Yumi realizes nothing will ever be the same.  Her grandfather has terminal cancer and, to make matters worse, the orchestra is being cut from the school’s budget.  At first Yumi is devastated, but then she realizes that there are things she can do – like listen to her grandfather tell his stories, and work with her friends to raise money to bring the orchestra back.  This quirky, endearing book has just enough girliness to keep your girlie girl engaged, and just enough wackiness to inspire her.  This title makes a great gift for the girlie girl with an agenda.

Violet Raines Almost got Struck by Lightning by Danette Haworth
In her small Florida town, Violet knows everyone.  Her favorite thing ever is the weekly fish fry at her best friend and neighbor’s house.  But when a new girl moves to town from the big city, things start to change.  The new girl likes make-up and boys, and Violet’s BFF begins to drift away.  While Violet makes a few attempts at sabotage, it’s not long before she realizes she’s only making things worse.  When tragedy strikes her neighborhood, it’s up to Violet to put on a brave face and bring her friends – new and old – together to save the day.  This Judy-Blume-esqe tale of friendship and growing up is sure to charm the girlie girl with an outdoorsy streak.  With a truly southern voice and a penchant for mischief, Violet Raines will charm both you and your favorite girlie girl on Christmas morning.

My One Hundred Adventures by Polly Horvath
Twelve-year-old Jane is sick of her boring life with family on the beach.  She wants to explore the unknown, and have an adventure.  But when Jane prays for adventures – 100 adventures – she gets more than she bargained for.  She ends up dropping bibles from a hot air balloon, almost road-tripping with an elderly neighbor, and maybe even meeting her real father.  Polly Horvath’s latest is sweet and endearing, and Jane is the sort of feisty character the girlie girls love.  My One Hundred Adventures makes a great gift for girlie girls who want a little more than a summer by the sea.

Suddenly Supernatural: School Spirit by Elizabeth Cody Kimmel
Kat hasn’t had your average life.  While all she really wants is to be normal, her mother is a medium, and all nature of ghost-seeking clients are always parading through her house.  This doesn’t help her at all in middle school, where the social scene is tougher than ever.  When Kat herself gets the spirit sight, she’s sure things can only go downhill.  But in befriending a fellow outcast, she realizes that her gift can help people – dead and alive.  This novel – the first in a series – is a great book for a girlie girl with a bit of a spooky side.  While it’s not too scary, Suddenly Supernatural has enough ghostly activity and middle school drama to please the haunted girlie girl on your holiday shopping list.

Utterly Me, Clarice Bean by Lauren Child
From the author that brought us Charlie & Lola, this chapter book is just as charming as its picture book counterparts.  Clarice filters everything in her life through the eyes of her favorite character: schoolgirl detective Ruby Redforr.  When her best friend doesn’t show up for school, Clarice is sure she’s “gone missing,” and, worse, the horrible teacher has partnered her with the worst boy ever for their school project.  With so many mysterious things happening, how will Clarice ever get any homework done?  Charlie & Lola graduates will love Child’s quirky hurmor, and Nancy Drew fans will identify with Clarice’s interpretations of her daily life.  You can’t go wrong with Clarice Bean for a girlie girl – in fact, you might just want to grab a boxed set!

Princess Academy by Shannon Hale
When Miri discovers that the prince will choose his next bride from her village, she is intrigued to say the least.  But when the king sets up an academy on the mountain – a training school for princesses-to-be – she is none too pleased.  The mistress is harsh, the girls are catty, and Miri is feeling conflicted about the whole ordeal.  Does she really want to be a princess?  There’s no time for in-fighting, though, when bandits attack the academy, and Miri must lead the girls against the intruders.  Girls who loved Cimorene from the Enchanted Forest Chronicles wil love alterna-princess Miri.  She’s smart, adventurous, and maybe even royal – girlie girls will adore this Newbery honor book.

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2 comments on “What to Buy a Girlie-Girl Part II: Girlie Chapter Books

  1. What a great list! Although I have to say, much as I love Princess Academy, my favorite Shannon Hale book is Goose Girl.

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