Fire Breathing, Human Eating Dragons

Last Friday we hosted Christoper Paolini at BookPeople to celebrate the release of his new book Brisingr. Unfortunately, now everyone’s read it, and it’ll be at least a year, if not more, before the fourth book comes out. So I thought I’d put together a little list of dragon books to tide us over until then.

Classic Dragon Tales for All Ages:
The Book of Dragons
By E. Nesbit

Featuring some of E. Nesbit’s best dragon stories, this book is by a master of children’s fantasy. Although the stories were written at the turn of the 20th century, they are just as much fun to read today.

Great Dragon Tales for Kids a Little Bit Younger than the Ones Reading Brisingr:
Dragon Rider
By Cornelia Funke

Firedrake, a young dragon, must escape when Humans come to threaten his village and his very life. With a runaway human boy, Firedrake attempts to find refuge in a mystical, possibly mythical, place called the Rim of Heaven.

Dragon Sippers
By Jessica Day George

Creel is most indignant when her aunt leaves her as a sacrifice for a dragon. But by using her wits, she survives the encounter and receives a new pair of shoes. Only these shoes are special, magic shoes with a power Creel might not wish to be responsible for.
Dragon Wishes
By Stacy Nyikos

Alex and Isa are forced to move in with their Uncle Norbert and Auntie Ling after their parents are killed in a plane crash. Alex, especially, is resentful of her new life. The only solace she finds is in the nightly story Auntie Ling tells about a young girl who must save her village with the help of dragons. Using the story, Alex manages to find a way to cope with her new life, too.
The Enchanted Forest Chronicles
By Patricia Wrede

Although my absolute favorite of Wrede’s book is one named Mairleon the Magician, that book has gone out of print. So instead, I’ll just have to be content with telling you about her excellent dragon series. Princess Cimerone is bored with her boring princess life and the stupid, boring prince she’s supposed to marry. So, she runs away and sets up house for a cantankerous old dragon. You really just have to feel sorry for the dragon.
The Fire Within
By Chris D’Lacey

David may not be excited by his new life, but he does like the beautiful handcrafted dragons in his room — especially when he discovers that they are alive. However, dealing with his past almost becomes to difficult for both David and his dragons.

Turns out there are so many dragon books that I’m going to have to save my two teen recommendations for tomorrow.

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2 comments on “Fire Breathing, Human Eating Dragons

  1. Don’t forget Anne McCaffrey — the queen of dragon fiction!!

  2. I loooove Patricia C. Wrede!!!

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